Welcome to LensCandy®

LensCandy® offers high resolution textures for graphic artists and photographers. These are royalty-free (purchase required) images that can be used over and over again by the original purchaser. (Sorry, licenses are not transferable.)

What are the advantages of LensCandy® textures?

LensCandy® textures can be purchased one at a time, or as a collection. Individual texture files are $2, and when purchased as a collection, they can be less than 50 cents per file!

How do you use LensCandy® textures?

You add them as a layer in Photoshop or another image editor that allows layers. You then change the blending mode of the layer to achieve the desired effect. Or, you can apply surface mapping to achieve a 3D effect. And, in some cases, you may simply want to use them to add a background or other element to your creation. The possibilities are endless.

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